Who We Are

Hekima develops and applies cognitive computing technologies with the aim of helping companies transform data into information, assisting decision making and thus improving business performance.

We use advanced technologies and proprietary machine learning algorithms to build customized Big Data solutions for a wide range of market sectors. We help organizations become data-driven businesses.

Through collaboration and the creation of network value, we help our clients to promote knowledge sharing and growth through the strategic use of data within their business.

SOA Solutions

We are experts in creating SOA solutions– Service-Oriented Architecture.

Open-minded to Technology

We are technologically open-minded; we can plug into, consume and integrate any type of solution.

Proprietary Algorithms

Our algorithms are proprietary, enabling a competitive advantage in market solutions.

Dynamic Work

We deal with the most diverse and advanced technologies in computer architecture, version upgrades and orchestration.

Cloud Computing

We work with cloud computing in both third-party and internal structures, as well as hybrid architectures.

R&D in our DNA

We promote R&D, which is fundamental to any company that works with science and technologies that are less than 5 years old.

Big Volumes

We are skilled in working with extremely high volumes of data, both for training our algorithms and for real-time processing. Our portfolio includes cases proving this ability.

Vast Experience

We have experience! The company was founded in 2008, but our founders and partners have histories in the development of other successful businesses such as Akwan (sold to Google), Miner (sold to UOL), Datalistas, Youfind and Alphabase, among others.

Agile Methodology

We work flexibly and quickly, using the Agile method to develop new projects and to offer dynamism in our phased deliveries. We dynamically adjust to changes in the client’s business landscape.


Our team is made up of teachers, doctors, PhDs and postgraduates in best universities in the country, with various specializations such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Business.

Chief Executive Officer
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Rachel Horta
CEO & Founder

Chairman of the Board

Ivan Moura Campos
Chairman & Founder

Chief Executive Officer
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Marcia Asano

Chief Technology Officer
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Thiago Cardoso
CTO & Founder

Head of Product
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Carolina Bigonha
Head of Product & Founder

Chief Project Officer
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Victor Salles
CPO & Founder

Chief Financial Officer
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Luiz Temponi
CFO & Founder

Data Scientist
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Gabriel Campos
Data Scientist & Founder

Data Scientist
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Luiz Felipe Mendes
Data Scientist & Founder

Data Scientist
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Daniel Galinkin
Data Scientist & Founder