Let's talk about Big Data?

Big Data is still a gray area for many entrepreneurs. Therefore, our mission includes sharing our knowledge of the field by producing and publishing articles, webinars, eBooks and infographics on our blog: Big Data Business.

We understand that the complexity of Big Data can be difficult to digest through text alone, so we continually produce webinars on the opportunities and challenges of Data Science.

Aiming to delve deeper into the discussions started on our blog, we publish eBooks every month that take a richer and more detailed look at the infinite applicational possibilities of Big Data in a wide range of sectors.

When it comes to data, a good visual display is key! With this in mind, we developed Big Data Facts – a series of infographics that illustrate and display interesting facts from the Big Data universe.

Want to know about the technical side behind the matrix? This is a space for Hekima data scientists and developers to share more technical content and address subjects such as programming, algorithms and artificial intelligence.